Monday, January 31, 2011

Very Valentine

These pictures are from Cloverleaf. Last week I helped out with taking down the Christmas display and putting up this small Valentine display. I found these beautiful swans in the shop (one new and one old) and filled them with vintage chocolate boxes. I think they look really pretty.

Cloverleaf has gotten in lots of great jewelry and more is on the way!
Also, the sale is still going on, so don't miss it!
Still working on my artwork!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Back...I Think

The Holidays are over and I'm finally back in town.
After Christmas, we went to Laguna Beach, CA, for our friend's
birthday and The Rose Bowl.
The weather was a bit inconsistent,

cold and rainy one day...

bright and beautiful the next.

Yes, that really is me (with my husband)!

To those who know me well, please stop laughing! I managed very well supporting my daughter's Horned Frogs! The worst part was swimming through the sea of Red (Wisconsin) in my little purple sweater. But, I cheered away in the student section of young drunkards to TCU's victory!

Unfortunately, I came home with a nasty cold and cough. I am still going to get to my studio this week and start on some artwork for Valentines Day. Hopefully, inspiration will hit me sooner than later. When I have something done, I will share it.

Have a good week!