Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tiny Valentines

As I mentioned in my last post, I have  been working on these tiny, mixed media Valentines.  
Below is a sampling:

These little pieces range in size of 2"x2" to 4.5"x4.5" and will range in price from $25-$40.  Sweet little Valentine gifts.  I hope you can come by my show!

Valentine Show
February 9, 2013
10:00 am til 5:00 pm

The Cloverleaf Boutique
2525 W. Wilshire
Oklahoma City, OK

Monday, January 21, 2013

From My Heart

It's that time again...Valentines Day will be here soon.  

Below are three mixed media Heart paintings that I have just completed.  This year, my hearts have been through a lot.  All tattered and torn and broken.  But, they have survived the hard times and their soul shines through.  

Tattered Heart          24 x 30 

Heart of Gold          11 x 14

Mended Heart          11 x 4
"Mended Heart" was selected for the Paseo Arts Association 2013 Members Show!  The Opening of "Art of Heart" will be February 1st in conjunction with the First Friday Gallery Event.  I hope you can come out and support all the artists in The Paseo Arts District!  If you've never done the First Friday gallery night, it's a lot of fun, with some really incredible art. 

Art of Heart Show
February 1 - 25, 2013
Paseo Arts Association
3022 Paseo Avenue
Oklahoma City

I'm also working on some tiny, mixed media Valentines.  
I'm scheduled to have a small show February 9 @ Cloverleaf.
More info to come

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It was just one of those days...

I had to run some errands, and would be right by one of my favorite thrift stores, so, of course, I had to stop in!  Now, some days I am on the hunt for something specific.  But, today, I was just lalli-gagging.  Naturally, that is when the best treasures show themselves!  I'm so excited to find all this lace and linens!  They are becoming increasingly harder to find (at a bargain price, that is).  This is what I found:

Sweet Easter name plates sitting on top of a soft, gray-blue table cloth.

A HUGE bag of hand-crocheted lace doilies!!

Vintage playing cards.  
(I have an obsession with these old cards.
I sold all of mine during my "Cherryland" antique booth days.)

 Three lace cafe curtain panels, with rings attached!
Where O where will you find a home in my house.

Now, when I get the creative blast, I have the materials I need in my studio to get to work.  Otherwise, I get focused on the hunt and not the work!  The lovely ailment of Creative ADD.

I spy...I'm sure some of these will show up in future artwork!