Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sister Art

Yes, I am again bragging on one of my sisters...
My sister, Ann, took Kelly Rae Roberts Online Painting Course 
and look at her beautiful paintings!!

Now, maybe you can understand my inferiority complex as a child.  haha

To see the entire post of her online course, go to her blog My Yellow Teacup.

Maybe someday I can take this course also.
Way to go, Ann!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Two New Series...

Glitter Market here I come!  
This Spring I have worked on two very different series...
One happy and one a bit...odd.

My Zinnia Garden Series came about as I was playing around.
I think I had been looking at my dreary garden and longing for my zinnias.
Once the colors started forming, I couldn't stop!

This series was inspired by Eye Miniatures from the 1700's.  Somehow, online I found one and was so intrigued, I started digging around for more information.  In the 1700s, tiny portraits of a loved one's eye was encased in a beautiful piece of jewelry (broach, ring, etc.) as a sign of affection.  I loved this idea and was moved to paint my own eyes...obviously larger.

See You Tomorrow!!