Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Perched Portraits

After Silvestri returned my originals, I went back and revamped them with finishing touches.  These pieces are for sale and will be part of an event that Cloverleaf Boutique is holding in honor of my canvas prints.  

 Wish Upon a Star     12 x 12     $250.00
(The original used for Silvestri print)

 Sweetie Bird          12 x 12          $250.00
(Original used for Silvestri Print)

 Perfectly Posed          12 x 12          $250.00

 Mama Bird          12 x 12          Mama Bird

 Queen for a Day        12 x 12        $250.00

 Diamonds Are a Bird's Best Friend     12 x 12      $250.00

Star Pupil          12 x 12          $250.00

I will let everyone know the date of the Cloverleaf event as soon as I know it.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a painting prior to the event, just leave a comment or email me!

Thanks Y'all!