Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Under Construction

As you can see, I am re-designing my blog, with the help of my friend. Still have some kinks to work out. Plus, I'm going out-of-town. So, please be patient with me! It really is going to get better!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Texas Town

Last weekend I hopped aboard the train and went to Ft. Worth for Mom's Weekend with my daughter, Emma.

Here we are at the Friday Night dinner.

After a fun-filled weekend of shopping and eating out, I spent the next couple of days with my friend, Cherry. Of course, when I go to Cherry's house, there is always a project (or three). This time, she was dissatisfied with a pair of lamps in her Living Room. All it took was for me to mention they may need a color boost, and off we went to buy hot pink spray paint and new lampshades!

They turned out really cute!
Then, she got out her vintage floral paintings and we headed for her stairwell. She has been bugging me to help her hang these for, oh I'd say 7 years! We finally did it! Took approximately 20 minutes!

Unfortunately, the next day I was advised our professional (un) hanging job was insufficient. Three had already fallen off the wall and several others were teetering. Oh well, I guess she'll have to wait til I come back to re-hang these...I hope it's not another 7 years! At least the nails are already in the wall.