Friday, May 2, 2014

Two New Series...

Glitter Market here I come!  
This Spring I have worked on two very different series...
One happy and one a bit...odd.

My Zinnia Garden Series came about as I was playing around.
I think I had been looking at my dreary garden and longing for my zinnias.
Once the colors started forming, I couldn't stop!

This series was inspired by Eye Miniatures from the 1700's.  Somehow, online I found one and was so intrigued, I started digging around for more information.  In the 1700s, tiny portraits of a loved one's eye was encased in a beautiful piece of jewelry (broach, ring, etc.) as a sign of affection.  I loved this idea and was moved to paint my own eyes...obviously larger.

See You Tomorrow!!

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Bobbie said...

Love the back story to these beautiful paintings.